Bio sauna

There are different types of saunas as the temperatures and the humidity varies. The main difference between a bio sauna and a Finnish sauna is the stove. In a bio sauna the temperature is kept much lower but the humidity is pushed up.

“The generous warmth of a sauna helps you to recharge completely.”

Types of finishing options


This light wood has short fibres and hence splinters little. Thanks to its low heat conduction, it feels soft which makes it the ideal wood for loungers, back support and headrests. For those who prefer colour, this wood can be coloured using a special wax in all colours from black to white.

Thermo Alder

With U grooves up to +- 14cm wide, this wood gives your sauna a very modern look. The name comes from its thermal treatment causing the wood no longer to swell and to radiate a warm brown colour. Thermo Alder can be used for walls, ceilings and back supports.


Between these planks are V-grooves up to +- 14cm wide. Different shades of colour in the planks and the shining veins are characteristic for this type of wood. Cedar has a typical smell that is released when the sauna is used. The wood can be used for walls and ceilings.


Old planks were recuperated and give the sauna a distinct character because of its natural greying. No two planks are the same. They are always placed vertically and can be used for walls and ceilings.


This is a pale qualitative sort of wood that is entirely free of knots and offers numerous possibilities. Narrow, rounded battens create an authentic look when placed vertically. Wide horizontal planks on the other hand, possibly in ‘bamboo’-profiling will give your sauna a much more modern look. A possible thermal treatment will create a slightly darker colour and a more balanced overall look.

And so much more

Apart from the above, we offer numerous other finish options. We therefore invite you to make an appointment with one of our interior architects to discover all of our possibilities.

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