Float Spas

A short session in a Float Spa has a long-lasting relaxing and a deep revitalizing effect. Thanks to the salt that has the same temperature as your body, you get a weightless effect. The unique combination of the mood lighting and lounge music that softly fades, you will drift in an exceptionally deep sleep. The salt water also has a healing activity on the skin. You will leave this wonderful cocoon really reborn.

"One single session in a Float Spa equals 4 to 5 hours of sleep"

This is how it works!

The Float Spa consists of a thermoformed antibacterial acrylic cocoon. The salt water is filtered in five ways: via a glass-sand-quartz pre-filter, an acrylic post filter, a high quality UV-sterilizer and an electronic dispenser of chlorine or H2O2. On top of this, there is a periodic filtration of the water using active carbon.

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