This new and exclusive product is inspired by the saunas high up north where it is really cold. Our handmade Iglusauna adds an extra dimension to an outside sauna session and is available in different sizes and finishing options.

“The generous warmth of a sauna helps you to recharge completely.”

Finishing options

The exterior of the Iglusauna is finished in pine available in different colours whereas high quality aspen wood is being used for the interior. For each sauna about 2500 battens are each time manually installed. This way, each and every sauna is a one of a kind.

Different sizes

The Iglusauna is available in 3 sizes: the single sauna with a maximum capacity of 4 persons; the double sauna with a maximum capacity of 6 persons and the triple sauna that has room for 6 persons, but also has a shower area.

Unique experience

The round shape of the Iglusauna creates a unique experience best lived at 70 - 80° C. The battens and the spaciousness of the Iglusauna generate a very pleasant climate in the sauna.

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