Steam baths

The original Eastern hammam was a public bathhouse. Next to the prime function of cleaning the body, such baths also had a social function as a meeting place. Whatever destination you may want to give to your hammam or steam bath, one thing is certain: its soothing treatment of the body will have a relaxing effect.

“A steam bath combines relaxation and pure enjoyment with several advantages to your health.”

Relaxing but healthy at the same time!

A steam bath or hammam is not only nice and relaxing, it also stimulates the blood flow in the skin, softens it and helps to relax tired or painful muscles. Also, a steam bath alleviates your breathing and temporarily unblocks blocked airways.

A steam bath made to your measure

All of our steam baths have two aspects in common: the temperature is between 40 and 50°C and the humidity can rise to 98%. All the rest can be modified. We create steam baths based on your wishes, measures and finish options – for you as a private person or for public wellness areas.

Types of finishing options


These little stones exist in all colours and designs. They are ideal for finishing rounded shapes, such as ergonomic loungers.

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are available in all colours and designs, even in imitations of natural stone. With relatively little grout lines they are very maintenance-friendly. Different formats up to XL-panels of 3m can be sawn to ceramic mosaic to finish rounded forms.


Originating from the North-African stucco techniques, this 100% natural product requires relatively much maintenance. Polished with a river stone and treated with soap, this waterproof plaster surface creates a unique marble-like appearance. Tadelakt is available in many different colours.


Thanks to its infinite play of colours, Mortex creates a unique marble-like finish or a clean concrete look. This mineral micro-mortar composed among others of natural lime, is finished with a wax coating or sealant to fight pollution. By adding cement and some adhesives, this product requires less maintenance than Tadelakt.

Solid Surfaces

Based on an acrylic-mineral source material, Solid Surface is a stain and wear-resistant waterproof material. With almost invisible joints, this product creates a very trendy and modern look available in many plain colours. It is easy in maintenance and can be used to create and finish rounded shapes.

And so much more

Apart from the above, we offer numerous other finish options. We therefore invite you to make an appointment with one of our interior architects to discover all our possibilities.

How can we help you?

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