Underflow pools

For lovers of a sleek design, an underflow pool is a must. Because the water is evacuated just under the copingstone, you can extent your terrace to the rim of the water. The water surface will be maximally 5 cm under the copingstones. Having an overflow or an underflow pool, not only the visual aspect will be stunning, also the flow of water is faster than compared to other types of pools. This way, you have the best water quality, guaranteed.

“An underflow pool creates a sleek and aesthetic view”

This is how it works!

The water flows just under the copingstones into a gutter that leads it to the buffer tank. Then the water treatment process starts by means of an adapted filter. The water inlets then bring the filtered and treated water back into the swimming pool.

Types of finishing options





Apparent concrete

And so much more

We also offer numerous different levels of finishing. Do make an appointment with one of our interior architects and discover the possibility that best suits you.

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