A classic for indoors and outdoors has all the right reasons for being so popular. Is it not just gorgeous to dream away in the warm water of a whirlpool after a long day’s work? Let all your worries slip away while being gently massaged by water jets and air bubbles, both in summer and in winter.

“Whirlpool, Jacuzzi, bubble bath, hot tub, whatever you call it, you will most certainly enjoy it”

Whirlpools for private persons

Whirlpools for private use are generally single whirlpools with a rather simple filter installation that can easily be installed at your home. We found you an elegant and pure collection.

Whirlpools for professional use

In general, an infinity whirlpool is chosen for professional use. Whirlpools for professional use must, however, comply with a number of strict rules concerning the water treatment. We always refer to the Vlarem 2bis standard to dimension our installations.

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